Thursday, October 21, 2010


The pen seems to be holding together, though a bit more road base will be added before we (we meaning Steve in this case) lays down the mats tomorrow morning. Hopefully before it starts raining, which it's supposed to do all weekend.

The ribs are getting a little better every day, though not nearly as quickly as I think they should. I heard bruised takes 4-6 weeks, cracked 6-8. My goal is 4 weeks, but I'll take somewhere in the middle.

I took both horses out Tuesday night for some ground work--still not quite ready for the saddle, yet. Lena got to work on where the personal space boundary was. A lot. I'm not actually sure it would have helped the other day--since she was running sideways away from Bar, not looking at me at all, when she slammed into me--but it's good to work on with her in any case.

Bar was wonderful, and seemed to know I was hurting. I was cleaning out his feet and sometimes he gets a little antsy--grooming has never been his thing. Not this time. He held his feet up for me and stood absolutely still while I worked, even though it was taking longer so I could apply iodine to the delicate tootsies. Granted, he should do this all the time, but I'm normally correcting him and didn't have to.

Hoping to get back to a somewhat normal routine soon. You know. Just in time for winter, rain, and mud.

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Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

We'll hold out for a bruised, and a quick heal. What is it they say? "Pain is weakness leaving the body". Hope you are back in the saddle soon.