Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finding Sammy a new home

On a student's budget, Katie has to find Sammy a new home before she brings Forrest home. And not just any home, she wants to find a place Sammy will be happy, loved, and have a job.

That hasn't quite happened, yet, though--amazingly enough in this market--she's had a lot of interest and response to her Craiglist ad.

I know, I know.. watch out for those Craigslist horses, right?

Sammy really is a horse you can jut get on and ride without any hassle, be it in the arena or on the trails. She even handled ending up in the middle of a mountain bike race once.

Katie thought she had one lined up, but it fell through so is investigating a couple other options, including donating Sammy to a therapeutic riding program.

It's a hard decision to let a horse go when you decide you need something different. I wish Katie all the wisdom and insight possible to make the right choice for Sammy.


Tracey said...

I've had good luck with CL ads, personally. Found homes for a number of mustangs that way. Facebook works, too, if folks know the horse you're trying to sell.

Good luck to Katie. I know what it's like when you've got another horse out there that you'd like, but need to move the one you've got.

Anonymous said...

She might want to try Dream Horse and - I actually didn't look at all on Craigslist for my horse since there are so many not-so-good horses on Craigslist. Some of the other sites seem to have more nice horses, and Sammy's a nice horse - she might attract the right sort of buyer that way.

Joy M. Drennen said...

There are a lot of kids with disabilities who would benefit greatly from riding a horse like Sammy. She sounds like she is a great horse for all sorts of riders.