Saturday, April 16, 2011

Being patient

The time that healing takes feels like forever, and I'm only one week in so far. Bah.

The frustration wars against the exhaustion, and the frustration stems from the desire to get out and start working with Bar again, to begin fixing what all has gone wrong. Who new healing could be so tiring? Or maybe it's just crutching that is so tiring.

Unfortunately, I can't really go to the barn and work Bar by myself. The look I got when I suggested putting the lead rope in my teeth since I'm on crutches (and I really was just kidding) could easily be described as withering.

I did get there once this week, with Katie, and all the horse's reactions to the crutches were quite amusing. Bar just stared at me wide-eyed as I crutched down the path in front of him and Katie. Lena told me to just put the carrot down and back away. Forrest ran to the other side of his paddock and waited for me to hobble away again.

You'd think racehorses would be used to crutches but apparently not.

Bar was on exceptionally good behavior, though maybe he was just scared of the crutches. I pushed and worked him harder than I normally do, but still gave him time to come down to the licking/chewing, relaxed stage I like to see. And I really needed to see him by Thursday, not only to assess his head, but just to see for myself where his attitude lay.

Part of that drive was based on Steve's opinion after getting on Bar earlier in the week. No one but me has been on Bar since Steve and Bar had their accident in July of 2009. Steve decided to ride Bar himself the other night to determine his own opinion on the situation. There was mild arguing and Steve came out of the experience convinced more training is definitely in order. He didn't necessarily do things the way I would have, but that's probably okay in the big picture scheme of things.

And I don't disagree. Training, lessons, all of the above are back on the table after all of this. Not even necessarily training just focused on Bar, as I need some work, too.

I would just prefer it starts sooner rather than later, and sitting here aching is really, really getting boring.

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