Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just hanging out

Tonight I got all dressed up and went to the barn.

Then I just sat on the ground and listened to the sounds of chewing, snorting, tail flicking, and wild turkeys.

It was certainly better than mulling over reports and spreadsheets, though not quite as good as actively working with my horse.

On the other hand, it was a low-pressure interaction with Bar that maybe both of us needed. I wasn't asking him to do anything and he wasn't arguing with me. We were just there with each other. I did quietly explain that we had to find another plan with each other as the current one is not beneficial to either of us. I am sore and grumpy and he is not getting to go out on trail rides. It's a lose-lose situation.

But mostly I just sat and listened, breathing in the smell of horse and hay and dirt.

I did try alfalfa--garnering a funny look from the big brown horse. It tastes like wheat grass, obviously healthy, but not overly entertaining from my perspective.

Mostly, he ate, snuffled my feet and head periodically, and blew snot on me at least twice.

I tried to relax and not think about what I'd rather be doing and instead focus on just sharing space with this horse in my life.

The peace that ensued was much needed, quite lovely, and honestly a little surprising.

I'll take it, any way it comes.


Dane Jane said...

What can possibly be better than a good spreadsheet?

Hope you're healing!

Anonymous said...

Good horse time - sometimes just sitting there is very productive in a quiet sort of way.