Monday, April 11, 2011

Broken, but only a little

I gave up and had an x-ray this afternoon. Certain people (Steve, Katie, my co-workers, etc.) thought that before I got back on a horse, it would be wise to be sure there wasn't anything broken so I would know how long the actual healing time would be.

My x-rays say I have a "right sacral alar fracture as manifest by disruption of the first through third neural sacral arches."

I'm not exactly clear as to what that looks like, mind you, but I sure know how it feels. And I would add to that a big, fat "Drat!!"

There is really nothing to be done about it but to rest it (meaning not get on my horse for awhile) and manage the pain. Advil, ice, and the hot tub are my best friends at the moment and I'll be calling my chiropractor tomorrow for alternative therapies.

Katie is threatening to sell Calabar (or rather give him away) to Canada or Mexico, but I won't let her. It's really only half his fault, and I'm not done improving us, yet.

We just have to take a time-out from riding for a few weeks, that's all.

Time to get a little creative, I'd say.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that - hope you heal up well.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're hurt but this too shall pass. I've been injured many times and it is no fun. Accidents happen and we live through them. Feel better.

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

I know this doesn't help, but when I read "sacral alar fracture", I thought "heh! She busted her ass!". Sorry, I just can't help but try to find the humor in most things.

On a serious note, I'm sorry to hear you got hurt, and I hope it heals fast. I am relieved to know that you aren't ready to throw in the towel on this whole horse thing.

Jessica Boyd said...

Dave, thank you so much for that laugh and for the perspective.

I'm getting a LOT of commentary about being tougher with him (which I agree is needed) or giving up and getting another horse (which I disagree is needed.)

And Kate and Grey Horse, thank you, too.

Sarah said...

I think you are all kinds of awesome for not giving up on Bar. He DOES sound like a handful sometimes, buy you guys have made so much progress and have been together for so long...well, I just really love your attitude towards him.

These damn animals are just so frigging huge and they don't realize how easily we break (or get freaked out!). I'm glad you got checked out and nothing is seriously wrong.

I don't know you and Bar well enough to know if he needs a "come to Jesus" meeting or something else, but you will figure it out:) Take care of yourself in the meantime...if it were me, just because I can't ride doesn't mean I can't work his butt:)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Jessica. There's always room for groundwork, even if you can't ride (once you're more comfortable moving around). There are a lot of ways to "get on the other side of that horse."