Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The dragon surfaces

The very day I wrote that last post, my horse turned into his dragon alter-ego--I think just to remind me he can.

Katie and Russell had taken Forrest and Lena out on a trail ride to the beach, leaving Bar with an empty pen on each side. I thought, "Gee, wouldn't he like it if Steve and I both paid some attention to him and rode him?"


Bar had other ideas. Ideas that perhaps the arena is really a poor substitute for a trail ride, thank you very much. And why did Forrest get to go out with Lena?

Bar had been incredibly cooperative the night before, so I thought I'd just put the saddle on him and we'd go from there.

He proceeded to argue about every single thing I asked of him. Then he dumped me. It wasn't a bad dump, but it was a dump nonetheless.


You want to run? How about you run a bunch in the round pen? Then run some more the other way in the round pen? Then I'm going to get back on and run you some more. So there.

In the middle of this, Katie and Russell came back and Bar mostly settled down when he saw Forrest and Lena return.

You can try to tell me horses don't have emotions, but I am not buying it. If ever there was a horse expressing an opinion--perhaps grumpy at being left behind--it was Bar.

Unfortunately, my good intentions of getting him out every night this week got derailed by work chaos (and golf tonight), so we may be back to square one again. Oh well. What would life be without challenges, right?

I'll tell you where it would be. Without dragons--especially big, fuzzy, brown dragons who like black licorice--it would be truly boring.

And boring is never good.

So, I'll keep my dragon and remind him I can breathe fire, too. Of course, a trail ride might go a long way to appeasing him, so that may be on the short list as well. For both of us!

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