Sunday, May 16, 2010


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Bar says he will always listen to my rants as long as there is grain
and/or play involved, but to make sure we focus on having fun. Okay?


allhorsestuff said...

A resounding OKAY! here here and an amen "snort" to that!

Bag Blog said...

I saw your comment at Buckskin Rule's blog and noticed the name of your horse, Lena. We had the most wonderful horse years ago - she was a Doc Bar/Gold-o-lena horse. Her name was Jolene Reward. She gave us three foals - two of which we still have (one named Snoopa-lena). I thought maybe your horse was a "Lena" horse too.

Jessica Boyd said...

Hi, Bag Blog!

Yep, she is a Lena horse, too! Doc Bar lines and all. Sire was out of Peponita Flo. Her full name is Lena Rey Flo.

She didn't quite end up a small cow horse, though! The Man O'War on her dam's side leaked in and she's close to 16 hands!

Bag Blog said...

When we bought our Lena horse, the auctioneer said, "She looks like she could drink tea out of teacup." She was dainty, easy to ride, beautiful. She was also in foal, bred to a paint horse. We named that colt Jo Peppy since he was also a Peppy horse.

Jessica Boyd said...

Our Lena is definitely not delicate but is quite beautiful and is also a Paint. (Photo here.

We love her a lot, though haven't considered breeding her, yet.