Sunday, May 16, 2010

Soap Box

Okay, okay. I know that last post was a little bit of a rant, and a rant on an oft repeated theme here at Spotty Horse News.

Sometimes my frustration cup runneth over.

My friend Karen commented that easy horses probably won't teach you as much, and that is really the heart of it for me. Push button horses are the right horses for a lot of people, and that's okay for them and probably better for their horses, too.

As I've often written, Bar and Lena have been marvelous teachers. Lena taught me to be passionate about horses and riding, and Bar continues to stretch my horse-training mental muscles. Lena has also recently taught us all the importance of consistency. This whole learning process has not been easy but it's been an interesting journey every day--one sure to keep us all thoroughly entertained for many years.

Note to self: You don't always have to hit the "Publish Post" button two seconds after finishing, particularly when the soap box feeling is upon you.


Anonymous said...

I didn't mind it at all - but then I'm somewhat prone to ranting, too. Our horses can be wonderful teachers, as you say, if we're willing to listen and learn.

Unknown said...

I agree - easy horses actually can keep you in bad habits. But everyone has to know the level of not-push-button they can handle. My first horse was too much, this one, much better. When I ride my very easy riding horse Lily, I know she'll forgive too many mistakes. So there's a balance, I think.

Jessica Boyd said...

Thanks, Kate. As always, I appreciate your comments and thoughts. You see horses in much the same way I do, but your perspectives often include things I miss or don't say right. :)

And Breathe, you are absolutely right about balance and knowing your limits. No one needs to do more than they are comfortable with at any given time.

Sometimes I think if I knew then what I know now, I might never have chosen Bar. And that would have been a shame for more reasons than I know how to count. So maybe I wouldn't really have chosen differently after all.

allhorsestuff said...

Well, my sissy sent this quote to me(I now have it laminated on my car's visor, and read every time I drive to the country to see my mare!)

" I must not forget to thank the difficult horses, who made my life miserable, but were better teachers than the well-behaved school horses who raised no problems."
Alois Podhaisky- Director of the Spanish riding school, 1939
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Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Once I realized, and accepted that I didn't know a thing about horses, I began to learn a great deal. Patience would be one of the primary lessons.

Rant away, it's your blog. I doubt you'll chase any of us off.