Thursday, August 19, 2010

Great support from folks

I realized my last post was a little grumpy when two people gave me great feedback and support--all of it very logical and sane.

Bar has been a handful over the last two and half years, but he also has given me so much joy and taught me so much it really has all been worth it.

The frustration and grumpiness is mostly with myself. People who know me well point out that patience is not in my genetic make up and I can sometimes drive myself crazy. I really liked Kate's suggestion to add one thing at a time to push my own envelope a little more each ride.

And Kippen64 is totally on the mark with thinking I have to do it all "right" as opposed to just taking what comes and working with it.

Steve has often pointed out that I never give myself enough credit, either.

My big brown horse and I have come a long way, and we nearly always have fun together. We can both relax a little more, but we are both learning that bit with each other.

Must remember to enjoy the good stuff and focus less on the other stuff. Makes for a better ride through life all the way around.


Anonymous said...

Focus on the good and build on it and mostly ignore what doesn't go quite right - I think you're making great progress!

kippen64 said...

Take a deep breath and have fun. Your sort of fun. Don't let people push you into doing what they think is fun. I wrote that because some people think that if you are not grinning like a monkey and doing the things that they consider fun, that it means that you are not having fun. Utter hogwash!!! Complete nonsense!!

Here are a couple of sayings for you. "Hasten slowly." "More haste, less speed." Cheers.