Monday, August 02, 2010

An OTTB pack horse? Oh, yeah.

I follow a log of different blogs, some Thoroughbred related an some not.

You all know I love Thoroughbreds and will champion their off-the-track abilities as often as possible.

But a back-country horse? I think this is incredibly awesome and it inspires me. Check out Buckskins Rule's buddy's OTTB hanging out in the back-country. (Scroll down until you see him mention me, below the picture of the chestnut Thoroughbred carrying, yes, trail gear.)

Bar can do this, I know it. In fact, he would probably opt for this over the arena every single time.


Joy M. Drennen said...

Bar as a pack horse? What was the weight limit for a jockey when he was racing? Also, how does a pack shift as compared to a rider? However, since Bar loves you, I'm sure he will manage to do what you ask of him. Love, Mom

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

I think Bar would make a great back country traveler. Sunny D was steadfast and reliable the nine days we were out. I feel that out there they are able to relax, and must learn to trust us, as we learn to trust them when the trail is narrow with a thousand foot drop on side (I haven't mentioned that part of the trek yet).

While I suspect that Bar is perfectly capable off it, I'm not sure that I would recommend him as a pack horse, simply because he is so tall, and lifting the packs up there could prove to be a bear. Not to mention that I get the feeling that he is a fabulous saddle horse, and you would much rather be perched up there.

Packing adds a whole new element to traveling though. There is something to be said for steak and baked potatoes cooked over a fire in the wilderness.

Through the wonders of modern lightweight backpacking gear, I started out with what could be fit into large saddlebags, and was able to support a three day trek.

I could go on for quite awhile here. Some of my treks are detailed on my blog, or you could email me if you are interested in details of how to get started.

jill said...

Thanx for visting my blog.
Enjoyed some of yours.
Good riding!