Saturday, August 07, 2010

Too much fun, not enough chores

We had grand plans to get out on the trail today, with Bar and I both feeling "sound" and the weather just about perfect.

And then we looked around the house and found quite a few things that needed to be done. Things that the last several weekends of entertainment had left laying about. Mostly in big piles.

Not that we regret the abundance of activity, of course. The trip to Slide was not only fun, but an important step to re-tooling their business. Last weekend, we went to Armstrong Woods to talk to Jonathan and Laura Ayers at the Pack Station about their business and ended up on a lovely trail ride through the redwoods there on some of their fine horses. There may have been a miffed Thoroughbred and spotty mare back home, but Steve and I had a nice ride we wouldn't have taken on our own horses. And it was sort of by accident.

In fact, we've had plans nearly every weekend--at least one of the days--for the last two months. For two somewhat hermit-like folks, that is a lot of activity. We'd probably go out tomorrow, but the friends we got Bar from have a 3-year old running in his first race at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds and we want to go see that, too.

Oh, the dilemmas of balancing horse time with keeping things at least relatively organized on the domestic front. Much as we'd rather spend all our time with the horses, fall and winter are approaching and there are things that River Rats need to do to prepare.

Since we were not born independently wealthy and have to do all the work ourselves, the trail ride got pushed to next week. But next week it had better be, or Bar will never forgive me for all the arena work we've been doing to "get him back in shape." Ever.


Joy M. Drennen said...

Sounds like you've been both having fun and being productive. Now I'll really miss having you back here even a little bit to help clean up and clean out Grandma's house. I'm learning it hasn't been taken care of for some time and that she never threw anything away. Love, Mom

Buckskins Rule said...

Horse's have that effect don't they? Our house was a bit of a shambles today, too, if it's any consolation.