Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Night without horses? Oh no!

Work has been a little crazy lately. Okay, a lot crazy, and I've had some really long days. Usually, I start early enough that I can still at least smooch a fuzzy nose before going home, but not tonight.

Tonight I was lucky to get home in time for dinner, and I still have one last bit to do once the client's back-up is done running--hopefully soon.

That is a long way of saying I missed my horse tonight. I missed hearing his funny whinny, missed his ears-up-eyes-bright expression as I walk up to his paddock--me with a big, silly grin on my face, just as excited to see him.

Katie reported back to me, like a good daughter who knows her mom is a crazy, obsessive horse owner. She had ridden both Sammy and Lena, and said Bar was pouting when she left. He wanted to know why he didn't get to come out and where his human was on such a fine Northern California evening.

Staring at an Excel spreadsheet, actually, but sometimes one has to do these things. Horses need stuff, you know. Grain, shoes, saddles--my list is long. And my company is small and we all have to do a lot to keep things rolling along.

My horse doesn't care. He still pouts. Apparently when I don't come out, he pouts a lot.

I will have to make it up to him tomorrow. And probably the next day. And the day after that, too.

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Sue said...

I love this post! There's no way that spreadsheet was as fun as Bar, but maybe it keeps him in hay and oats.

And he pouts!! Aw. I hope you guys make up for lost time tomorrow!