Sunday, February 26, 2012

Congratulations to Milazzo!

In the winner's circle at Golden Gate Fields

Our friends Devon and Howie have  another winner in the barn today! Milazzo, their 4-year old gelding (his birthday was actually January 14th), got his first win yesterday and looked strong and happy doing it.

It was a mile-long race at Golden Gate Fields and he started in the back of the pack. About halfway through the race, though, the big horse started moving up the track. He swung wide, caught up to the leaders, then got this look in his eye, like he'd just made up his mind to get up front. Even after the race, he was full of energy and moving lightly and comfortably as he cantered back to the winner's circle.

While Sittytwofitty is still my favorite On-Track Thoroughbred, Milazzo is another big, beautiful Thoroughbred to love. At over 17 hands, he looks a bit like a super-sized Forrest View. Way super-sized.

Milazzo last year, starting to get in shape

Except Milazzo has apparently decided he wants to be a racehorse, something Forrest opted out of early on--all the better for him and for Katie, of course.

Congratulations to some of the nicest folks I know in the race industry! You worked hard through a really difficult year and you all deserve this win!

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