Sunday, February 12, 2012

Surprises by the numbers

"Really? The lip sores post has the most pageviews? The lip sores post??" 1,231 to be exact. Next one down is Mother Daughter bonding over abscesses with 906. Apparently, I should write about horse injuries more often.

In helping get another blog set up, I stumbled upon the stats portion for my own blog. Yes, I know. I was in marketing and never looked at my own numbers? This blog has mostly been a labor of love for me, so if people read it and liked it, that was good. If they commented, that was even better. Stats were interesting but an after-thought until recently.

Some of the more current posts have been very well-received and I patted myself on the back for the 122 (and counting) pageviews for Katie and Forrest's post.

Who could have guessed that the sleeper post--from way back in 2007--was the lip sores post? Certainly not me.

Lena's healing lip sores, inflamed gums and discolored teeth--all healed when the bad hay went away

And by the way, it only comes up if you Google "lip sores" WITH the word "horses" not just "lip sores." No STDs here, just yellow bristle grass in a bad batch of hay 5 (1!) years ago, now.

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Anonymous said...

It's weird what posts are most popular. Over half the page views all time - every week, week in and week out - is for a post I did a long time ago about why horses bite people. Apparently a lot of people have horses and ponies that bite . . . or wonder if horses do bite (oh yes they do).