Saturday, February 11, 2012

Horses equal wound care

Horses can be like giant toddlers sometimes, always popping up with some new boo-boo that needs tending. This is Calabar's most recent. Do I know how he got it? No. There are see hoof prints right under the bottom rail of his pipe panel--you know, as if a front leg was positioned in such a way to help a nose get a little further through the fencing for a few extra bites of tasty grass.There are hoof prints but no sharp edges to scrape off skin, so the mystery remains and Calabar did not volunteer any explanation, reasonable or otherwise.

The leg was a little swollen, but he is sound on it and the swelling went down with a little work and cold water. Calabar denied injury, bounded around in the round pen as if nothing whatsoever had happened, actually. Of course, he also stood like an angel in the wash rack while we cold hosed it, so it probably was bothering him at least a little. He's a pretty good patient, though, so I was able to get  him cleaned up and slathered with antibiotic cream without any drama whatsoever.

At least it's not too bad and he should heal quickly. Just another day in the life of a horse owner, I guess.

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Suzanne said...

Sigh... they are a lovely danger to themselves...