Thursday, November 11, 2010

The gift of writing about Thoroughbreds gives back

Awhile back, I wrote a post about the healing power of horses and linked back to a story about Zenyatta and an Autistic boy named Jack.

This morning, there was a new comment on that post: "Howdy - I am Jacks father the autistic boy who connected with Zenyatta. Ya'll are absolutely correct thoroughbreds, they respond to the energy being projected upon them. We adopted a racehorse named Spot The Diplomat who was recently retired at the age of six and was ridden by Mike Smith as well. He is completely gentle with our entire family. We have two autistic boys they run and grab his hind legs - under his belly - pull his tail - ride him bareback. Spot doesn't even flinch and smiles while they do it. He is a part of our family and very happy helping the boys. He has completely mellowed from their energy to the extreme. Thank you for all the kind words about healing and autism. The horse connection is real! God Bless " Grant Hays ".

Writing about horses has been an outlet for me, one that gives my rambling thoughts and opinions a channel. Topics have ranged from just being glad to hang out at the barn to injuries and illnesses to behavioral challenges. Sometimes I even wax philosophic.

I am glad (and often humbled) to have people read my words and give me support, feedback, and ideas.

This is the first time a comment gave me chills, though.

Big thank you to Grant Hays for his kudos to Thoroughbreds and for making my whole day with his kind words.


Anonymous said...

That is a very cool thing! And great to hear a retired TB is helping out those kids.

Grey Horse Matters said...

What a wonderful story. Thoroughbreds are sensitive lovely horses and one of my favorite breeds. We've had a few OTTB's over the years and they've all been talented,smart and loving. I could definitely see how autistic children can benefit from being around them or any horse. We have one horse a Trakhner who is slightly neurotic but when small children are around he's very calm and loving towards them, they can do anything to him.

I think receiving this e-mail from Jack's dad was very cool.

terrie said...

Great story!

I've been thinking about you, Jessica, and wondering if you finished "Horse Boy". I just read it myself (part of my obsession over Mongolia). I hear that there's a documentary, too....need to see that, must have fantastic landscapes.