Sunday, November 07, 2010

Looking back

Having Forrest arrive has me looking back at the beginnings with Bar, back when I was trying to pretend a) I hadn't already fallen in love with him and b) was still considering other horses. Ha!

It has been a long journey, sometimes a frustrating one, but the theme that crops up over and over (even in those early posts) is how much I love his personality and how--when it really matters--he's there for me. Of course, I had to learn to be there for him, first, but I did and it's made all the difference.

Some of his finest moments have been on the trail, like when we ran into the yellow jacket nest and--even while getting stung--he kept his head and took care of me. I think, though, if I'd panicked or tried to turn him around instead of doing just what we did--pointing up the trail and getting the heck out of there--it might have turned out differently. My reactions matched what any herd leader might do in a bad situation, so it worked. I took care of him, so he took care of me.

In fact, I'm realizing he takes care of me a lot these days. He's also made it clear he prefers me actually riding, rather than watching him from the ground. I get leg leg smooches when I climb up, as a matter of fact--as in he reaches around to nuzzle my leg when I get on.

Besides, any horse who lets you dress them up can't be all bad.


Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading about your adventures, and will enjoy reading about more as your relationship develops further.

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

I'll echo what Kate said. From my standpoint, it's also nice to read about the experiences of another newbie.