Sunday, July 10, 2011

Calabar putting up with post-lesson silliness

Jessica Boyd
Spotty Horse News

Our lesson today came with some illumination for the rider. Peter was looking at my legs today, and noticed that at the walk, both legs were in the proper position. It is the trot-- and as always, going to the left is worse--where things start to really go astray.

BUT! Today we had an epiphany of sorts. First, I tried to drop my left heel down further and Peter told me my left foot wasn't the issue, my right foot was. Then, as we trotted around and I worked on my posting, I realized (gasp!) 90% of my weight was in my left foot, leaving the right foot to flounce about out of position.

One of those Aha! moments in riding, actually.

And afterwards, Calabar allowed a bit of silliness from his owner. Of course, for some reason, there was some dancing (okay, spinning) on the way past the outdoor arena. So we went up and down the hill a few times just to be sure the scary imaginary beast was conquered. The second trip did it, but I did it one more time to be sure. Yep. Beast conquered. Short owner victorious.

We'll count today a win, thank you very much.

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