Monday, July 04, 2011

Lesson while melting

My big brown muse--musing

Bar and I did have our lesson yesterday, despite the fact that both of us needed much hydration after it was over.

Peter kept us at a walk and a trot within the round pen again, working on my center--just like I wanted to do. I felt better, more relaxed, more centered. Hot and sweaty, but more centered and less collapsed on my left side. Woo for progress!

We worked a lot on posting because apparently when I start to post, I fling my legs forward. Well, fling is a strong word, but they edge forward with every stride until we are completely out of position. And by we I mean me. Then I apparently use the reins to pull myself forward. And my "crazy" OTTB tolerates all of this! Yes, he's used to having people hang on his mouth, but that doesn't mean he has to like it. Or put up with it while I bounce around up there.

And yet he does.

Granted it was hot. But he went past his six-furlong-length attention span without any fuss, though he did try to go to the middle a few times. Still not sure that wasn't me misdirecting, though.

All in all, it was a low energy lesson, but a good one nonetheless. I will try to work on my posting and seat this week (maybe posting without stirrups would help?) so next week we can perhaps venture out of the round pen. Bar has the bend right at this point, he's just waiting for me to catch up with the rest of it all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Your lesson sounds good. With posting I think the thing is mainly practice until you get it the way you want it. Posting without stirrups is a good idea too. I give you credit for doing this on such a hot day, I usually chicken out on miserable days.

Suzanne said...

You'll be fabulous with all of that work! Good for you!

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Glad the lesson went well. Posting without stirrups does help, since you have to grip the saddle with your thighs, presenting less opportunity to mess around. Be prepared for sore legs!