Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Nostalgia strikes

I had a nostalgic moment earlier today--actually, a sad moment if you want the truth.

My golf (yes, I did say golf) instructor--after finding out I really am that crazy horse person in the group--wanted to know good places to take her nephew and daughter to ride and/or learn to ride.

Well. My favorite place is Slide Mountain, of course, and (as I've often said) we wouldn't be where we are today without our early adventures at the best horse ranch in Gold Country.

Unfortunately, they don't offer lessons or trail rides on their horses anymore, so I have to come up with some local ideas for Helena (the aforementioned golf instructor). Stop laughing! Golf is good for me! It teaches me focus and control--both of which Bar agrees I need. It all eventually comes back to horses, after all.

At any rate.

I am looking for a riding instructor in Sonoma County, reasonable rates, well rounded, no specific discipline. I'll give her Peter's name, of course, as well as Annika at Wine Country Sporthorse for Dressage.

For trail riding, I'll recommend the Point Reyes outfit, as well as Jonathan Ayers in Armstrong Woods.

Any other Sonoma County recommendations are welcome, folks! Thanks!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Golf is a great idea for focus and it's good to have other interests too, you can't ride all day and I hear it can be fun. My husband plays every week, weather permitting.

DockStart said...

I love golf. It's a great way to get out and moving without much impact. So, be proud of your golfing! As a matter of fact, we live on a golf course. Not Rose though, our HOA would not be too thrilled about her grazing on the course!
Adventures In Colt Starting

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Golf...feh. I tried it when I lived in Hawaii. Turned out that I liked a certain character trait which is key to the game. Patience. Not my forte.

Jessica Boyd said...

Dave, that's the whole point!!!! Golf (like horses) helps us learn patience and different ways to approach things. Brute force in golf works about as well as brute force with horses.

I think you should revisit golf. A few beers, er holes, into it and you'll be having a great time.