Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Off to Slide for a break

Katie and Remy, on one of our last walks to the River

After the last few days, our much-anticipated trip to Slide Mountain Ranch is even more welcome.

It's just Steve and me, Lena and Calabar. After Remy died (I really hate saying that), I asked Katie if she wanted to come with us, but she decided to stay home.

I've tied up as much as I can at work. We have hay and grain in the truck. Steve has loaded the trailer, including the new saddle pads that arrived just in time today. The snacks and books are sitting at the top of the stairs and the load of horse clothes is fluffing in the drier.

My eyes are still puffy from two days of crying. My morning yoga routine has been disrupted, partly because downward dog is lacking the ever-helpful face licks it used to have. Not to mention missing the face licks fills up the downward facing nose with tears and snot. Most distracting, as well as making deep breathing a challenge.

But we're headed out in the morning to one of my favorite places in the world and maybe I can start missing the little dog less--at least for a couple days.

Maybe, but no promises.

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Daisy said...

My heart just breaks with you . . . .